Nov 012012

Evidently the Detroit Tigers had a lot of, trouble with the curve, as they were swept in 4 games by the San Francisco Giants in this year’s World Series. The Giants pitching stifled one of the most best offensive hitting teams in baseball, including the first Triple Crown winner in 45 years, Detroit’s third basemen Miguel Cabrera.

But, what I really want to talk about is the movie, “Trouble With The Curve”.  In my world, this movie ranks with many of the great baseball movies like, “Field of Dreams”, and “The Natural”.  The story line of the movie has two of my favorite things in life, baseball and kids.  The movies about a guy who has to live with the past mistakes he’s  made in, and dealing with his mortality as it relates to his job and his performance at his job.  Then he’s got to deal with a younger, aggressive, up-and-coming apprentice who can’t wait to kick him into retirement.  The movie is centered on the love of the game of baseball, and what the future holds for him and how he has to deal with those issues.

The movie also helps to illustrate that everyone has issues or challenges in life.  Life’s not about hiding those issues, it’s about dealing with what’s in front of you and making the best of the situation with the information you have.  At the end of the day, people are just human and once we are able to be ok with the fact that you and I have, and will make mistakes, we’ll all be better off.  Because I can only hope that when I screw up (and I will… again!), I hope to learn from my mistakes.

Now let’s relate all this to business.  In one of my previous blogs, I talked a lot about hiring the “whole” person” you’re not just hiring a receptionist who’s going to answer the phone, or a sales person to sell your stuff for you.  When you hire someone, you hire the good, bad, and the ugly, not just their ability to perform a certain task. You’ll hire their ability, their strengths, their weaknesses, their family issues, and their personal issues as well. You cannot separate the two.

When you watch this movie you see this parallel play out, with the Clint Eastwood character and his daughter. She’s fighting for a partnership at the law firm she works at, and fighting to stay connected to her father. Just as in life, the movie takes a sudden turn where she finds herself moving towards unknown path that leads her to some unchartered waters.

Trouble with the curve is a must see movie! When it comes out on DVD, it will be a part of the (very small) Rovi movie collection.

Detroit fans, I feel your pain…. Wait till next year!

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