May 022013

I love watching how creative ad firms are when it comes to marketing and branding their clients goods and services. My new favorite commercial is the one from Dick’s Sporting Goods. I call it “Swing Your Swing.”

The Dick’s Sporting Goods commercial features Arnold Palmer talking while you watch video of several average golfers while practicing their golf swing on the course or when no one is looking. The commercial starts with Arnie saying, Swing your swing. The commercial does not sell sporting goods as much as it sends the message, work with what you have and be yourself. Here are the words to the commercial: 

Swing Your swing…

Not some idea of a swing.

Not a swing you saw on TV.

Not that swing you wish you had.

NO … swing Your swing.

Capable of greatness.

Comprised only by you!

Perfect in its imperfection.

Swing your swing …

I know … I did.

 With my latest topic of Becoming a Better Version of Yourself, this is the best place to start. It’s the best place to start because I think so many people are caught up with copying someone else’s path to success.

Swing Your Swing!

Becoming a better version of yourself, first and foremost demands you use the gifts you’ve been given and work with them. You don’t need to try to imitate or, copy someone else’s “swing”, because you don’t have the gifts they have, and they don’t have the gifts you have. The best place to find your success will come solely from you and how you use your gifts, don’t copy someone else…

Swing Your Swing!

Charles Barkley is one of the great basketball players in the modern era. Being a gifted athlete you would think he would be somewhat competitive at golf right? Wrong!! Without a doubt, he has THE ugliest swing I’ve ever seen, maybe in all of golf.  He can try to copy someone else’s swing, but he simply can’t…

Swing Your Swing!

Find your passion, find your gifts, and start to work toward using those gifts to accomplish your goals. Be yourself, commit to work to be the very best version of yourself! Be yourself, not some idea of yourself, not someone you wish you were, you’re capable of greatness, comprised only by you, perfect in your imperfection …

Swing Your Swing!

Are you trying to copy someone else’s swing?


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  1. John,
    this is a really good piece to share. Us up here in Canada don’t receive ads for Dick’s, so I appreciate getting this.
    It speaks volumes as everyone spends far too much time trying to be someone else and in most cases parts of many different people. How confusing is that. to ourselves.
    Great, simple message. Now we just have to trust it and live it.

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