Sep 112013

Over the past three months, every Wednesday morning, I receive a text from my oldest daughter asking a simple question.

“Guess what day it is, guess what day it is?”

So now you know – I watch the hump day-Geico camel commercial every Wednesday morning. This is so big here in Dallas, the Mavericks have their own version of hump day called “Game Day.” My daughter is in advertising, so social media is of high interest to her. Social media takes a lot of her time because all of her clients are consumers, and consumers are the people who watch and pay attention to social media.

Back in the day, “going viral” meant you were sick and needed to see a doctor. Today it means a YouTube video is “hit” millions if not billions of times. Think about that – PSY Gangnam Style video has been watched over 1.7 billion times! Now that’s going viral!! I would also bet a shiny new quarter that there are people who have never seen or know what Gangnam Style is!! That’s why she pays attention.

Social media is powerful! If I’m going to buy something I’m not familiar with, I’ll look at reviews on the product. If I’m traveling somewhere and I’m staying at a local hotel, I’ll read the reviews. My son, who is 21 and as street smart as any 30-year-old, tells me to always skip the first four or five reviews. He says that they are written by the company to hype up the product. And I think he’s right because the first ones are very well-written and full of proper grammar.

So how can you use the social media for your business? You first need to decide what you want out of social media. What you want to communicate, and to what level of engagement you’re looking for. If you want to play in the social media game, it’s all in, or not at all. You can’t just stick your toe in the water to test it out. My advice, hire a firm that knows social media and can coach you with any and all questions.

When you try to “do-it-yourself”, you’re better off not doing it at all, because you can do more harm than good. If you want to see an example of what do-it-yourself advertising looks like, just watch your local late night TV. There you’ll find commercials of dealerships trying to sell cars. OMG, it is embarrassing what they come up with. Some have their kids, grandkids, usually a dog, and some even try to sing their own bad jingle.

Social media may or may not be for you and your company. Other people and other companies hire you for your skills and expertise, so hire the professional people who can help you navigate your way towards… going viral, like… Gangnam Style!!

Happy tweeting

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