Nov 152013

Yes, I said that right!  Too often, any time we plan to do something we tend to focus on the “how” we’re going to accomplish it, and pay very little attention to “why” we’re going to accomplish it.  Think about it, when you set a goal what’s the first thing that comes to mind?  For most people it’s the “how” to process, and very little energy on the “why!”  I think anytime you set a goal, you should first focus on the “why,” before you start to plan for the “how!”

Let me explain. Let’s say for example you go to the doctor for you annual physical and during your visit your doctor tells you that your cholesterol is too high, and he thinks you need to lose 40 pounds.  What’s your first thought? Is it why you need to do this or how you’re going to do this?  Most people begin to focus on the how.  They think about changing their eating habits and what gym they’re going to join, but what about why they need to live healthier? Let’s take a different look at how to approaching the goal.

First, you’ve got to come to the reality that you need to change the way you eat and live if you intend on becoming healthier.

Second (and here is where most people make their mistake), they begin to list the HOW they’ll begin to lower their cholesterol and lose 40 pounds. Big mistake!!!  The second step should always be the WHY you’re going to lower your cholesterol and lose 40 pounds.

Here’s the key:

When the why is stronger than the how, the goal is much easier to accomplish.

So let’s make a list of some of the possible why’s:

  • You may have always wanted to run a marathon.
  • You want to live long enough to have kids.
  • You may want to just walk down the aisle to get married.
  • You want to live long enough to see your grand children.
  • You want to live longer than your parents did.
  • You want to live enough to retire and travel.

These are some pretty powerful “why’s.”  Your list is personal and meaningful, but it’s your list and it means a lot to you. So first and foremost have a clear vision of why it’s important, before you even think about how. List every “why” you can think of, and ask the people that mean the most to you the “why” question. Then you can move to the “how” to plan your next step in accomplishing your goal of lowering your cholesterol and losing 40 pounds.

Now, you can begin to think about and plan the “how.”  Ask your doctor for a low-fat, heart-healthy diet. Join a gym and hire a personal trainer-0you probably already know the “how” of this goal.

So how can we use the “why/how” equation in your business? Let’s dive into that next time.

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