Jan 152014

In 2013 we kicked off the advertising year with a literal lights-out at the Super Bowl. If you remember there was a 34-minute delay because just after half time, the lights went out at the Superdome.

I love watching the Super Bowl, but, I must admit I also look forward to watching the TV commercials as well.  So I’d like to share with you my ten best commercials from 2013.  A couple of them are not from the Super Bowl, and one of them is from Thailand, but I think they’ll be on your list of great commercials.

Okay, if you’ve watched each of these commercials you’ll find a trend of what I like.  Yes, I’m a bit sappy, but it’s more than that. I love when a commercial motivates me and makes me feel good about the simple things in life, and the ability to promote hope. A TV commercial that can bring me to tears has done its job. I could easily write a blog from each of these commercials and talk about what power there is in each message. I cannot rank one of them “the best” because each of them are different in many ways.

I hope you enjoy them, and like me, I’m looking forward to this year’s Super Bowl for two reasons. First, of course, the commercials; second, one of my favorite singers is Bruno Mars, who will be playing at half time. I will not miss that one!

I’ll have very little interest in who’s in the game simply because my Chicago Bears did not make the playoffs.  As a die-hard Cub fan, I also find myself saying the same thing about the Bears … wait until next year!!  The Cubs’ Spring training starts February 27.

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