Mar 262014

“It’s not about you” is the first sentence in one of the best-selling books over the last 10 to 15 years, “The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren. In order to be successful in your personal life, professional life, family life, or your faith life, it all comes down to this one concept: It’s not about you …

If it’s not about you, then who’s it about? Let’s look at the professional side of this concept. In the business world, many sales people have the reputation of being self-centered and projecting an attitude of, it’s all about them. Some of that comes with the territory of being successful in the business world. But, I think many times some of it stems from poor training and/or an unguided, a confused moral compass, or both. If any of these are not properly balanced then you could end up thinking that it is all about you.

As sales professionals, we are usually baited with the carrot of a commission/bonus structure as a motivational tool to drive us to success. The better the sales person, the higher the compensation; the higher the compensation the nicer the car, the bigger the house, the more lavish the vacations we can enjoy.

But what happens when you stop selling to “serve the customer” and begin selling to “serve yourself” and/or a certain level of living? When your focus begins to shift from the customer’s needs, to focusing on maintaining a certain level of living, then you may be headed down that dark and lonely path called self-centeredness. At that point, it’s easy to lose sight of who/what it’s really about, you or the customer?

I’m not saying you shouldn’t work hard to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Just don’t work for the fruits. Work instead to serve the customer; the fruits will come … tenfold!

In my world, you’ll never be the best version of yourself, unless you learn the value of service by serving others above yourself in everything you do.

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  1. What a great post. I love the last sentence, it is so true! I have been reading Driving to Perfection by Brian Fielkow, is the book site. He talks about business and the things you can do to make your business effective and work for you. A huge part of that is serving others, your employees and the customers. Fantastic!

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