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A little more than two months ago, I finished reading a book by Tommy Newberry called, “Success Is Not An Accident.” I enjoy reading books like this because I’m always seeking new and creative ideas for self-improvement. For me, this was one of the best books I’ve read in a long time. I must admit, I love reading motivating books and books that challenge me to expand my way of thinking. This book is more than just happy-feel good “motivating” talk. It is filled with tangible ideas and steps to help you find success in life.

Finding Success

What I like best about the book is the definition, or rather redefinition, of success. When it comes to defining success, most every other book I’ve read on this topic sounds the same, except this one. Success in business, success in your relationships, and of course, finding success by becoming financially free!

When we think of what it means to attain success, many think success is measured monetarily. There was a time I use to measure success that way. Additionally, I use to also think that you could not define success unless you could measure it. I’ve since come to rethink how to measure success.

In the book, Tommy Newberry ask the reader several questions that one may not have ever thought of. My two favorite questions just may be the hardest to answer.

Question 1:  If money was not an obstacle, what would you want to do for a living?

Question 2:  When you daydream, what is it you daydream about most?

It’s like the age old question, if you won the lottery, what would you do for the rest of your life?  BTW, both of these questions would take me a nanosecond to answer – anyway.

Success… It’s all about daydreaming!

There’s a reason you’re daydreaming whatever it is you’re daydreaming. I’m not talking about daydreaming you’re playing golf or fishing for fun every day—I’m talking about having a passion that when you’re daydreaming about it, or actually doing it, time just seems to stand still. Now, if you’re good enough to play golf for a living, stop daydreaming and pursue it!

Whatever you’re daydreaming about, the chances are pretty good that you have the talent and ability to do whatever it is. I think your dreams are connected to your talents, and your talents are God-given talents, which is why you’re daydreaming about it. Most people daydream about things they’re good at.

Using your talents.

This book helps you uncover your talents and challenges you to use them properly.  There’s an old story about someone who had some very special talents and hoarded them.  Their talents were wasted because they didn’t use them properly, so consequently they were taken away.

In the book, Tommy explains that you’ve been given certain God-given talents (or gifts) that only you have.  No one can do what you can do, and you can not do what someone else can do—you are uniquely qualified to do what you can do. When you’re using your talents, it’s not work, and it’s not a job… it’s a passion!!

Which is to say, you’ve found congruency!

If you’re looking to find or uncover your talents, let yourself do a little daydreaming.

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